The Belgian seaside town of Blankenberge has a new landmark on its coastline. Walking along the beach, you’re soon greeted by an impressive building, standing proudly as a ship made of stone. This distinctive design doesn’t only perfectly depict the building’s proximity to the sea, but also its role as the new clubhouse for the Flemish Association for Watersports.

Cabo: bar and restaurant with a Balearic appeal

Of course, a landmark exterior needs an interior that can stand on its own. Interior designer Lieven Musschoot, who is renowned for furnishing two of start chef Sergio Herman’s restaurants, was in charge of styling the clubhouse’s bar and restaurant section. “I want my interiors to be detached from their location and context. When you look at Cabo, it might as well be a club in Ibiza or Barcelona, built now or in 10 years.” The result is a truly cosmopolitan environment, with an inside architecture that’s in perfect harmony with its exterior.

Fire and water perfectly attuned

Heading outside to the club’s patio, the first thing you notice – apart from the breathtaking view – is a striking rectangular outside fireplace. “Having an immediate presence of fire and water on this beautiful patio, it couldn’t be better,” Lieven Musschoot explains as he delves deeper into the universal appeal of a burning fire. “Man has always felt an attraction to the elements. The great thing about this fire is that people can see it from far away, it really draws them in.”

A remarkable fireplace that withstands the elements

The wind and rain resistant fireplace was entirely custom made by Metalfire, consisting of a rectangular ceramic glass tube, held into position by a stainless steel frame that’s been painted with Metalfire’s fire resistant black paint. It burns propane gas and has been connected directly to a power outlet for ignition. To mimic the feeling of a real fire as best as possible, the fireplace features smoke style ceramic firewood and wood chips, which glow just like real coal. To top it all off, the fireplace can be ignited and controlled remotely through a remote control.

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