Metalfire fireplaces are designed to stylishly bring light and warmth in many settings, but it’s fantastic settings that make them shine all the brighter. Fantastic settings like the Chameleon Villa on the island of Mallorca, for example. An unbelievable compound consisting of three buildings, combining luxury with wide-open space, extraordinary light effects and avant-garde design. Truly a brilliant set piece for an architectural fireplace.

A villa that deserves its name

At this point, your eyes might have wandered at awe-inspiring picture above, which means you’ll have noticed the large amount of glass in the building’s design. This is where the “chameleon” from the villa’s name comes into play. Embedded in the fine crystal glass that makes up the impressive façade, is sophisticated LED technology that turns the entire house in a color of your liking. Feel like celebrating? Why not turn the entire house in a fiery red?

Two Metalfire fireplaces complement their surroundings

In one of the main building’s living areas, an open, wood-burning fireplace pleasantly breaks up the dominantly white interior, adding an element of natural, warming beauty in a frame of perfect craftsmanship. A second Metalfire fireplace can be found in the same building’s master bedroom, where it perfectly blends into the eye-catching black strip running along the room’s main wall. Only a close cooperation between the architects and the Metalfire designers could result in such a seamless implementation.

Images speak louder than words

With its magnificent view, three pools, helicopter pad and multiple story set-up, there is still a lot to be told about this remarkable building. But as images speak much louder than words, we invite you to have a look at the pictures below. When you do, you’ll undoubtedly understand why we are so proud of Metalfire’s involvement in this project.

Picture 1

Picture 2

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