While kitchens have always been an integral part of our homes, they haven’t been the same social centers as they were in older times. In their Fourth Wall concept, kitchen furniture brand Poggenpohl tried to envision the kitchen of the future, and came up with something that’s surprisingly reminiscent of the past.

A food’s journey in its entirety

In recent history, kitchens served as a place where great food was prepared rather than enjoyed. They were functional areas, where each utensil and ingredient should be properly stowed. The Fourth Wall concept entirely removes the confines of this functional kitchen. Instead, it’s a place that again celebrates the journey of food in its entirety, from the fresh ingredients to the process of preparation, to eating and socializing.

Modern yet rustic, Metalfire’s addition to the fourth wall

With a walk-in larder hosting an impressive display of fresh foods, and utensils scattered conveniently on an Edwardian style counter, the Fourth Wall is an inspiring place to cook in. Then again, it’s also a great place to socialize. A Metalfire wood-burning fireplace adds a feeling of rustic comfort, while the unique transparent chimney adds an unmistakable contemporary element. In all, the Fourth Wall demonstrates that a Metalfire can be a great addition to a kitchen’s interior, creating an ambiance that feels rustic, modern and welcoming at the same time.

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