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Urban BEV Original finish


Introducing Urban BEV®, the bespoke solution for integrating Planika’s intelligent BEV® ethanol burners seamlessly into your space. Crafted with high-end quality and tailored to your interior design needs, Urban BEV merges flawlessly with Metalfire's aesthetics. Enhance your ambiance with our varied finishing options and optional firescreen for added protection. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and style with Urban BEV®.

Introducing Metalfire's Urban BEV® customizable concepts

Metalfire's Urban BEV® brings together the advanced technology of Planika's FLA4 BEV® bioethanol burners with high-end made to measure concept casings, offering a bespoke solution that seamlessly integrates into your interior. The FLA4, the world’s first "intelligent fireplace" with patented BEV® (Burning Ethanol Vapours) technology, includes state-of-the-art features such as temperature, seismic, and tilting sensors, wireless control, and an automatic refueling system. The FLA4+ variant provides the same innovative solutions with an even more capacious tank, ensuring extended enjoyment and convenience.

Urban BEV® concept fireboxes are meticulously handcrafted to seamlessly integrate with your interior design needs, perfectly complementing Metalfire's renowned aesthetics. Each unit is made to measure, offering flexibility in shapes, forms and sizes to suit your unique preferences. With multiple variations available, including front, double-sided, corner, three-sided, and four-sided designs. Additionally, the optional firescreen adds an extra layer of protection without compromising on style. 

Experience the perfect blend of technology, safety, and craftmanship with Metalfire's Urban BEV®. Whether you choose the FLA4 or FLA4+, Urban BEV® offers a truly customizable and intelligent fireplace solution, transforming your space into a haven of modern elegance and comfort.

Experience the perfect blend of technology, safety, and craftmanship with Metalfire's Urban BEV®. 


Automatic fireplaces with fully controlled burning process

The entire combustion process is automated and controlled by a microprocessor. The cool fuel is contained in a hermetically sealed tank. When switched on, the device draws only a small, necessary portion of fuel from this tank and transports it to the vapour generator. There, a small amount of biofuel is heated until it reaches a temperature where it turns into vapour, which is distributed throughout the burner and then burned.

The fire has no direct contact with the liquid fuel. Thanks to the insulated fuel tank, cooling fans and combustion chamber, the ethanol fuel temperature is always low and safe.

A microprocessor communicates with a number of sensors inside the fireplace and controls its entire operation. The fireplace informs you of any activity with an audible signal and a message on the mobile app. Convenient remote control of the fireplace eliminates any risk of human error.



Planika developed their fireplaces based on technology and structure that provide the highest level of safety for users. This involved considering every possibility of human error during the heating or refilling process. To ensure their fireplaces are safe to use in all conditions, they equipped them with multiple safety sensors. These sensors effectively identify any possible malfunctions. If an error is detected, the sensors send a signal to the microprocessor to turn off the device. Additionally, the user is warned with sound signals and an alert sent to their mobile app.


Planika was the first to introduce the automatic refilling system for bioethanol fireplaces. An automatic pump allows you to refill the fireplace quickly and effortlessly. All it takes in connecting the pump with an integrated panel and putting the other pipe to the bottle with fuel and pushing the button. Once the tank is full, the pump switches off automatically. This protects the user and the fireplace from any accidental spillage or overfilling.

With a simple touch, you can gauge the fuel status, modify the flame’s intensity.


One of the features of the FLA4 fireplace is its modern touch panel control. This intuitive interface provides users with the capability to effortlessly adjust and monitor the fireplace’s settings. With a simple touch, you can gauge the fuel status, modify the flame’s intensity, and even set an automatic shut-off timer for added peace of mind.

Concerned about the safety of your little ones? The child lock option ensures that curious fingers won’t accidentally ignite the fireplace. For those who desire a complete lockdown of the control panel, the device lock offers an added layer of security. These enhancements not only elevate user convenience but also prioritize safety, marrying innovation with practicality in the FLA4 design.

The FLA4/4+ fireplace can be operated effortlessly using a smartphone or any mobile device. A custom-made application , available for both Apple and Android, provides seamless control and convenience.


Planika bioethanol fireplaces with BEV Technology provide a net zero combustion.


Planika bioethanol fireplaces with BEV Technology provide a net zero combustion, meaning they produce only a minimal amounts of CO2 that can be compared to what one person exhales. Bioethanol which fuels Planika automatic fireplaces is made of corn, wheat, or potatoes. These plants absorb CO2, which contributes to its continuous circulation in nature. Thanks to this, these innovative fireplaces can be used in cities that regulate or prohibit emission of fossil fuels.

Interior finishing

Original | Triangle | Round | Design | Standard

Like the 'Originalvertical cast-iron slats, the 'Triangle' and 'Round' versions exude minimalism. The 'Triangle' cast-iron slats represent a more angular approach to the inside of the fireplace, while the 'Round' cast-iron slats - based on a design by Belgian architect Benoit Viaene - are characterised by gentle curves.

The common denominator is the elegant rhythm in both surfaces, which creates an interesting dialogue with the warm light of the fire. The sleek and refined finish of the 'Original', 'Triangle' and 'Round' versions fits perfectly into any interior (in any fireplace) and is also a real eye-catcherwhether the fire is burning or not.

 Besides, we also offer a flat steel and asymmetrical steel slats finish namely 'Standard' and 'Design'.

The common denominator is the elegant rhythm in both surfaces, which creates an interesting dialogue with the warm light of the fire.

Finishing colours

Black | Terracotta | Maple gold

The standard Black finish provides every fireplace with a stylish, timeless allure. Metalfire has expanded its cast iron finish collection with two additional colors: 'Terracotta' and 'Maple Gold.' These options bring new vibrancy to the range, allowing customers to further personalize their premium fireplaces.

The expanded color selection is available as well as for finishing frames and customized concepts, offering even more ways to tailor the design to individual tastes.

The expanded color selection is available as well as for finishing frames and customized concepts, offering even more ways to tailor the design to individual tastes.

Terracotta and Maple gold, its visual power is undeniable, stunning by day and magical by night when the fire is lit.

Fire guard options

As an option, the Urban BEV® can be fitted with a fire guard. Featuring a folded edge, the fire guard can be easily moved up and down by hand. Designed for bioethanol fireplaces, the fire guard provides security, ensuring that small children and pets are kept at a safe distance from the glass or fire.

Available in Black, Maple gold, or Terracotta, the spark guard combines safety with style, enhancing the overall experience of your bioethanol fireplace.

Combine safety with style and elevate your bioethanol fireplace experience with our premium fire guard options.


Belgian craftsmanship is Metalfire's credo. Every day, the vision of extraordinarily unique fireplaces is put into practice by the expert hands of skilled craftsmen. It creates a unique appeal that by automated production processes simply cannot be imitated.

Metalfire's no limits attitude allows ample possibilities in customization, finishing frames, fireplace concepts, wood storages and extensions. Customization supports the creative vision of the architect or interior designer, all within the imposed standards.

For technical support please contact We are available to assist with any inquiries you may have.

You want it, we create it. Metalfire's motivation to blend into the architecture and the interior of the home as a whole, is what sets us apart from the masses.