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Wood Fireplaces



The Optimum is a room air-independent wood-burning hinged door fireplace available in various configurations. You have the choice of ordering this fireplace without or with accumulation stones or convection jacket. What makes the Optimum special are the numerous personalisation options for the interior finish, finishing frame and door handle. Designed with innovative combustion technology for optimal performance and high efficiency, this fireplace is suitable for modern homes that comply with the latest building regulations. The Optimum embodies the cutting-edge technology you would expect from Metalfire.


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Ultime D

This generation of room air independent wood fireplaces with liftable door is equipped with a dynamic combustion technique that ensures optimal combustion and high efficiency. The appliances are independent of room air and are therefore suitable for all homes that are built according to the latest building regulations. A typical Metalfire product, with the most advanced technology.


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These traditional bespoke wood-fired fireplaces are chosen for their aesthetic impact in the room, the large dimensions, the minimalistic construction of their parts, and the fact that they can be made entirely to measure. This means that there are endless possibilities for dimensions, style and finish.

Within the range, a barbeque version is a possibility too, equipped with the necessary barbeque accessories.

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