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Universal wood Open Fireplace by Metalfire


These traditional bespoke wood-fired fireplaces are chosen for their aesthetic impact in the room, the large dimensions, the minimalistic construction of their parts, and the fact that they can be made entirely to measure. This means that there are endless possibilities for dimensions, style and finish. Within the range, a barbeque version is a possibility too, equipped with the necessary barbeque accessories.

Front - Custom made possibilities

Corner - Custom made possibilities

3 Sided - Custom made possibilities

Tunnel - Custom made possibilities

BBQ - Custom made possibilities

  • MF 740-75 W BBQ
    Barbecue grill Included
    Spark screen Optional
    Liftable door Optional
    Technical Data

Extended - Custom made possibilities

  • MF 1050-800-60 W 3S EXT
    Vaste glasplaat optioneel
    Technical Data

Universal open wood-fired fireplace


1. fresh air supply via concentric flue system
2. supply of ambient air/convection air
3. primary air supply/combustion air
4. flue gas discharge
5. emission of heated convection air/recovered heat


A. combustion chamber with ORIGINAL finish (vertical ribbed cast iron slats), additionally available in Design (asymmetric steel slats), Round or Triangle (vertically ribbed cast iron slats)
B. bottom plate in 10 mm flat steel with ashpan and cast iron grate
C. manually operated handle for closing the flue gas valve and ventilation valves
D. adjustable flue gas baffle plates
E. sliding spark screen
F. optional convection chamber for outflow of hot air
F. optional finishing frame in 10mm solid steel

Spark screen

Using the folded-back edge, the spark screen can easily be moved up and down manually. The spark screen is designed to prevent sparks and incandescent particles from reaching the floor. Makes sure small children and animals are kept away from the glass or fire. Available in black, maple gold or terracotta.

Grate + ashpan

The cast iron grate is particularly attractive, and creates a real “fireplace look”. The slots in the grate allow ash to fall into the ashpan. The ashpan itself can be easily cleaned by removing the grate and vacuuming the ashes using an ash vacuum cleaner. Alternatively, the ashpan can be removed from the fireplace for cleaning in another way.



Recognize the original

Product signature signifies quality succinctly. It's a concise representation of our brand's essence, craftmanship, and attention to detail. It assures customers that our product meets high standards consistently. 

You can recognize our craftsmanship by the calligraphy logo.


Fuel: Wood 

To obtain optimal combustion, the moisture content of the wood should be no more than 15% If this is not the case, the glass will quickly become soiled and appliance will be less efficient. To achieve this moisture content, the wood must be dried for two to three years in a dry well-ventilated place. The most suitable wood types are beech, oak and birch. Each of our fireplaces has an ooptimal wood load: for Universal models this is a maximum of four 30 cm logs. Lay the logs alongside each other in the fireplace. The use of resinous wood types, chipboard, laminate, treated wood or accelerants is strongly discouraged, as it produces sparks and a short burning time. It also harms your fireplace and the environment. 

Interior finishing

Original | Triangle | Round | Design

Like the 'Original' vertical cast-iron slats, the new finishes of the Triangle and Round versions exude minimalism. While these innovative additions stay true to Metalfire's love of clean and simple design, they also add a certain dynamism to our range. The Triangle cast-iron slats represent a more angular approach to the inside of the fireplace, while the Round cast-iron slats - based on a design by belgian architect Benoit Viaene - are characterised by gentle curves. The common denominator is the elegant rhythm in both surfaces, which creates an interesting dialogue with the warm light of the fire. The sleek and refined finish of the Original, Triangle and Round versions fits perfectly into any interior (in any fireplace) and is also a real eye-catcher, whether the fire is burning or not. Besides, we also offer a asymmetrical steel slats finish namely Design


Concrete look

This new interior finish, several panels together create a beautiful concrete look for a trendy and timeless effect. Thanks to its enormous heat resistance, it is ideal as interior cladding for fireplaces. Only possible on request with limited height up to 750mm.


Alongside its fireplace collection, Metalfire also specialises in additional MADE-TO-MEASURE solutions, finishing frames, concepts, floor plates, wood storage, etc. These items are manufactured to the design of the customer/architect/interior designer.
The technical department will submit the production plan to the customer for approval, and will then create these unique pieces through the skilled hands of the craftsmen in our workshop. This gives the products a unique appeal which simply can’t be achieved by automated production processes.

Finishing frames (thickness 10 mm) and concepts available on demand, and available in all finishing colours.
Prices can be requested through our resellers.