A family company dedicated to grandeur

Our story

As a family company, Metalfire started small. Rooted firmly in both Belgian soil and core family values such as integrity, accountability and trust, our company stands for no-nonsense entrepreneurship. Then again, it is our ever burning passion for beauty that leads us to build innovative fireplaces that have an unmistakable air of grandeur. Now, owing to this dedication, Metalfire fireplaces are distributed and enjoyed all over the world – from Sweden to Japan. With the Metalfire development program, we keep our global distributors informed and able to bring the best service possible.

Spreading the warmth of fire

Our mission

We want to create architectural fireplaces that bring more to homes than heat. Through design, craftwork and passion, our creations radiate a certain warmth and ambiance. With our professional management team and growing number of international dealerships, we aim to ignite conversations around the world, far into the future.

Taking the future head-on


Metalfire wants to take full control of its future. With a solid long-term “horizon plan” that spans as far as the year 2025, we seek to maximize exclusive partnerships, innovation and the well being of our people. Our professional management team further warrants our enduring continuity and success, founded on three basic pillars.

A growing family dedicated to beauty

Working at metalfire

As the production of our fireplaces involves labor-intensive processes that require a great amount of skill, we count on our growing number of employees to continue to drive our company forward.

Consequently, we put great value on our personnel, supporting them with timely training programs and empowering them with the freedom to take ownership of their own creations. We also put great effort into creating a comfortable, stimulating working environment. Learn more about working at Metalfire.

Learn more about working at Metalfire

Facts and figures

Founded in 2003

More than 80 dealers worldwide

1500 fireplaces produced every year

2012 moved into new headquarters

7 unique fireplace collections

Family charter

Our organization is lead along the guidelines of a family charter. This ensures corporate governance while respecting the family origin of the company.

A network of partnerships

Metalfire is a member of various company networks. These high profile organizations may act as a lever to take us to new heights.

Respecting people, planet and profit


We feel a great gratitude towards the resources that surround us, both in terms of raw materials and environment, as in people. In fact, it’s these resources that enable our growing success. Therefore, we closely link our economic goals with daily care for the environment, employees and society.

Valuing community


Having started as a family company, Metalfire feels a strong connection towards people and community. We put great effort into creating a comfortable, welcoming working environment, not only by providing ample recreation opportunities, but also with timely support. Every year, we bring our people and the community together with a large event.

As for our partners, we put in the same amount of care to sustain a meaningful relationship, providing support through comprehensive materials and training. 

Treasuring one of our most valuable assets


Metalfire understands the planet is one our most valuable, but also one of our most delicate resources. We aim to minimize our environmental footprint along the entire value chain, both with smaller interventions such as solar panels and smart lighting, but also with true, groundbreaking innovations in our production processes and products.

Additionally, we see to a sustainable sourcing of our raw materials and their respective supply chains. Our focus is on a long-term, stable supply of high-quality raw materials as well as on the greatest possible transparency and oversight of environmental and social impacts. 

Sustainable growth in financial terms


Taking care of people and planet would not be possible without safeguarding our own financial continuity. Metalfire’s management aims to leverage our unique position, passion and in-house expertise to achieve durable and global growth, ultimately propelling us into the position of uncontested leader in the architectural fireplaces niche.

A unique appeal


At Metalfire, craftsmanship is our creed. Every day, our vision of extraordinary fireplaces is brought to life by the bare, skilled hands of our craftsmen. It takes as much as eight years for our welders to fully master the independent construction of a Metalfire frame, solely on the basis of a plan of our design team. As a result, every frame bears the personal characteristics of its creator, for a unique appeal that can’t be replicated by automated production processes.

Innovation for now, nature and the future

Research and development

At the Metalfire headquarters, a team comprising our most visionary, creative and knowledgeable people works full-time on meaningful and sometimes bold innovations. This comes to show how dedicated we are to taking on a leader role in the further development of the market. In general, our ambitions can be divided into three segments.

Innovation for

The future

What does the fireplace of the future look like? What will it use as fuel? How will people interact with it? Our innovation team works tirelessly to define an answer to these questions. Only one rule applies here: the more radical and unexpected, the better.


Innovation isn’t just restricted to the distant future. Our team keeps a close eye on current and emerging trends, responding with smaller though meaningful innovations that add immediate value to our products.


As a company delivering fireplaces all over the world, Metalfire feels a strong responsibility over the environment. This is why we dedicate an important part of our R&D efforts to making both our fireplaces and the processes that create them more efficient and more ecological.

A growing family

Dedicated to beauty

Without the passionate men and women manning our designer desks and construction workshops, Metalfire would not be what it is today. Discover what inspires our people to continue to deliver excellent fireplaces, how we support them, and how we stick together.


Metalfire academy

Excellence is an absolute prerequisite along our entire value chain. With some tasks taking up to eight years to master, a comprehensive training program is crucial. In the Metalfire Academy, employees with a variety of roles get the professional support and personal guidance they need to perform and to feel at their very best.

The Metalfire Academy also caters to Metalfire’s exclusive partners. Providing training and support to deliver the best service possible to our end customers.

A growing family

Our culture

You can tell when you walk around our Belgian office and production site that Metalfire has its roots in family. Within the large team, everybody has their own role, knowing exactly what is expected of them. Generally, the Metalfire company culture is made up of three key values.

  • Ownership

    You feel a strong dedication to your task. You use the freedom you get to consciously set out your path to success.

  • Initiative

    You make suggestions for improvement where and whenever you see them.

  • Cooperation

    You help colleagues in need.

Working at Metalfire


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What we offer

  • Independence

    Metalfire is a place of entrepreneurs – in every part of the organization. We support and cherish people who take the initiative.

  • Individual training

    We help develop employee careers on a personal level, providing regular feedback complemented with a clear development plan.

  • Work-life balance

    We want you to find the best possible balance between work and family life. Flexible working hours are one of the tools we offer to make it a reality.

  • A great place to work

    Ping pong tables, yearly barbecues, pick-up games of soccer… We work hard, but we play hard too